Sunday, August 14, 2005

School Life

At 7.50 am, the first bell rings and students rush to their designated areas to pick up rubbish. There’s one class a week doing the public cleaning such as student toilets, and teacher restrooms. Between 8.00-8.20 am., the morning Assembly begins and homeroom session follows till 8.30.

The first lesson starts at 8.30 and lasts for an hour. The class rotates each hour. Lunch can be begun at about 11 am or a bit late. The afternoon class continues. There’re both fundamental subjects and supplementary ones, for example ; Thai, Social Studies, Science , PE, Vocational Studies, Computer Studies, Buddhism , Islam, and English as a Foreign Language.

Finally, the afternoon Assembly arrives at 4.00 pm. Two-row trucks and buses are routinely transportations : motorcycles with helmets are also allowed.


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