Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dear PET!

Phangnga English Teacher Club (PETC)

“Join for the Better Chance”
Established September 2004

Our Goals :
1. To be the center for English teachers
2. To share, exchange, and learn more about teaching techniques and experiences
3. To participate in academic activities and teacher training
4. To improve learning resources and professional development

Hello everybody,

How have you been doing?
Phangnga English Teachers has formed ourselves and established our Club since September 2004. Currently, there are 130 members from various districts, both from primary and secondary schools. We had a few meetinngs as well as a one-day seminar last year. We've shared and exchanged our teaching experiences so that we could help each other improve our English skills.

I've been very honored and pleased to be voted the first President of the PETC. I'll try my best to activate and encourage as well as help train most teachers of English in our province to catch up with this modern world. No matter how busy we are, how far we live, we will do it with all our attempt.

I look forward to hearing from you in the coming days.
Best wishes,
Weena K.


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